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We are an Amsterdam based club that practices Wado Kai Karate.

Wouter Schuller has been practicing karate since 1980. He has trained under Muramatsu Sensei, but he also followed workshops with other masters. He teaches karate since 2012. In the 90s he was for some time chairman of the medical committee of the Dutch Karate Federation (Karate Bond Nederland (KBN), and was responsible for the professionalisation of its medical policies. Aside from karate, he works as an orthomanual physician in his practice, and as an epidemiologist in several research programs at the VU Medical Center. In his karate courses, he uses his medical background to better understand the biomechanics of karate techniques.

René Huysmans has been practicing karate since 1988 and has trained under Edward Kudding and Muramatsu Sensei. He teaches karate since 2000, was for many years trainer of karate and self-defense at the Amsterdam gay & lesbian sports club Tijgertje and has provided several self-defense courses, for example for people with HIV. Aside from karate, he is a composer of electronic music as well as a linguist specializing in Romance and Tibeto-Burman languages (Himalayan Languages Project, Universität Bern). In his karate courses, he studies hara and ki and the application thereof in the various techniques of karate, especially in kata and kumite.

Our trainers:

In our club, we practice karate from a traditional Japanese perspective. Mental focus and body control are for us more important than competition or fighting. In traditional karate, speed and force do not flow from how many muscles you have, but only from inner technique. That's why our classes are suitable for almost anyone, both beginners who want to steadily develop their technique, as well as for more experienced karate practitioners who want to hone and deepen their skills. Even when you are older, you can always improve your skill further and get better and better. At our classes you can experience in all sorts of ways how good technique generates more power. Feel welcome for a trial lesson. Would you like to know when and where our classes are? Click here!

Our approach: outer form flows from inner technique

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